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A visit from Medieval Days will make history "come alive" for your schoolchildren!

Hundreds of resources are brought along to the classroom or hall, to provide a presentation that will never be forgotten! The pupils are encouraged to touch and examine everything that we bring.
The workshops are "hands on" and incorporate woolspinning, rubbing from ancient carvings, quill pen writing, playing with historic toys, dressing up and coinstriking - every pupil will strike a period silver coin which they keep to remind them of the day.

We provide school workshops on Ancient Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Viking, Norman, Medieval, Stuart Periods, and  more recently, WWII and "Early Man" (Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages)

Ofsted have inspected our presentations on several occasions and have described them as "Excellent" (Lead Inspector Keith Sadler)

  • All ages are covered from pre-school all the way to sixth form at college.
  • Either full day or half day bookings are available
  • We can time the individual history workshops to last anywhere beteen 45 minutes to 2 hours each so you can fit in as many as you would like in the time available

Medieval Days school visit

Medieval days Tudor workshop

In every session the pupils will be busy with activities and object handling.
We guarantee they will have a great time to remember, and the sessions will stimulate further work later on.

Dangerous items such as swords and weapons are separated from all the other resources and although they can still be handled it is under careful supervision.

We believe that doing activities and touching and examining the artefacts is the best way for children to appreciate how people lived long ago!

Having visited hundreds of schools in the last 5 years, our presenter Peter Balanck is experienced and has received amazing feedback from both teachers and pupils.

"(Peter sessions) were very hands on and (he was) brilliant with the children"....Luren Dunt, St Georges School, Colchester

" Awe and wonder ..... Pitched perfectly ....Absolutely amazing!" ......Rebeccsa Fullick, Mansel Park Primary School

"Thank you for an excellent day,the children enjoyed it very much,  they remembered a lot and wrote detailed reports the next day".....Anne Holwell, St James Junior School, Kent

We have many more unsolicited testimonials which can be examined!

Trying on helmets and armour!

Can I try a smaller helmet?


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